Warning: Pilot Project only - not fully functional

Mapping Migration is constructing a Geographical Information System (GIS) and web-site focussing on the forced migration of people from 1880 to the present day in the geographical region of Macedonia now known as the district of Kastoria, Greece.
The partners are the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London and The Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation, Thessaloniki.
The content of the web site is drawn from a collection of material consisting of historical documents, photographs (both contemporary and historical), postcards, short explanatory texts, demographic metadata in databases concerning about one hundred and twenty communities and multimedia presentations of places, historical events and cultural phenomena.
The Project focuses on a section of the geography region of Macedonia, more precisely the district of Kastoria, part of the Monastir Vilayet during the Ottoman empire, named prefecture of Kastoria and Florina when incorporated within the Greek state (1913), then becoming district of Kastoria following the end of the Second World War and the Greek Civil War (1948).