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Deaths due to Political Violence
Deaths due to Political Violence - Proportional Symbol Map
Germanos Karavengelis
Hut in the marshes of Yiannitsa
The armed band of Georgios Galanopoulos
Ion Dragoumis
Vangelis Natsis
Dimitrios Dalipis
Alexis Karalivanos
Yiannis Ramnalis and young Turk officer
Apostolos Matopoulos and young Turk Officer
Captain Kotas
Ruined houses at Gradembori
The marshes of Yiannitsa
Tellos Agapinos
The three Greek leaders on the marshes of Yiannitsa
Stergios Vlahbeis with some of his men
Georgios Yianglis with some of his men
Doukas Gaitatzis
The canon of Serres and staff of the Consulate
Lambros Koromilas
The three Cretan leaders of western Macedonia